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Season 1
1993-94 Season

Episode 1.1: Pilot 1/03/93

Fran Fine is fired from her job at a bridal boutique after her boyfriend (the owner) dumps her. So Fran takes a job selling make-up door to door, where she stumbles across the home of Maxwell Sheffield, the "famous" Broadway producer. Maxwell is desparately trying to find a nanny for his three children who have recently lost their mother, and who have gone through their share of nannies. But after a hesitant start, Maxwell decides to test Fran out as the answer to his problems.

Rachel Chagall guest stars as Fran's best friend, Val. Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother - Sylvia Fine, and Jonathan Penner guest stars as Danny - Fran's (former) fiancee.

Episode 1.2: Smoke Gets in Your Lies

Fran boo-boos when she talks about her "good old" rebellious high school days, and Brighton reads that as a green light to try smoking, which infuriates Maxwell when he finds out. So Fran tries to redeem herself by showing Brighton a real life example of a smoker: her chain-smoking Grandma Yetta.

Rachel Chagall guest stars as Val. Anne Guilbert guest stars as Fran's Grandma Yetta.

Episode 1.3: My Fair Nanny

Maxwell and Fran get together to throw a coming-out party for Maggie, but they can't agree on just how "out" Maggie can come!

Episode 1.4: The Nuchslep

Maggie finally gets a date, but trouble ensues when the date likes Fran more than he likes Maggie.

Episode 1.5: Here Comes the Brood

C.C. tries her hand at taking the children to the zoo, but when the whole affair is a dismal failure, C.C. tells the children that Fran only spends time with them because she is paid to. So Grace runs away to find Nanny Fine at her parents' house, and ends up at the wedding of a friend of the Fines'.

Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother.

Episode 1.6: The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother

Niles is worried because the Butler's association is coming to evaluate him. Meanwhile, Fran's mother tells some friends that Fran is married to Maxwell. Well, when one thing leads to another, Fran is impersonating the lady of the house, Niles is impersonating her husband "Maxwell", and Maxwell is impersonating Niles!

Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother, and Dan Aykroyd has a cameo.

Episode 1.7: Imaginary Friend

Fran is in big trouble when she accidently eats Grace's imaginary friend, prompting a scolding from Maxwell, and a trip to the shrink for Grace, Maxwell and Fran.

Christine Rose guest stars as Dr. Bort.

Episode 1.8: Christmas Episode

Fran spends her first Christmas at the Sheffields, but she is appalled when she finds out that Maxwell hires a professional "gift buyer" to get the children's gifts. So she scolds him into getting a "gift from the heart", which he does - for the children, AND for Fran, costing her a Christmas cash bonus!

Episode 1.9: Personal Business

Fran figures she only has one life to live, so she agrees to help Maxwell close a casting deal by dating a young and restless soap-opera star (Stephen Nichols), whom she sends to "another world".

Rachel Chagall guest stars as Fran's best friend Val.

Episode 1.10: The Nanny-In-Law

When Maxwell's childhood nanny (Cloris Leachman) visits, she is appalled by Fran's unique child care methods.

Guest-stars include Lu Leonard, Peggy Blow, Irene Olga Lopez.

Episode 1.11: A Plot for Nanny

Fran's mother has a surprise gift for her: a cemetary plot. And it's not exactly a grave undertaking for Fran when she begins dating the gorgeous funeral (Matt McCoy).

Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother.

Episode 1.12: The Show Must Go On

The spotlight is on Fran when Maxwell volunteers her to direct Grace's school production, but he soon upstages her by taking over.

Guest-stars include Maree Cheatham, Marianne Muellerleile, Tina Hart, Thomas Dekker, Susan Goodman, Kellen Hathaway, and Steve Posner.

Episode 1.13: Maggie the Model

Maxwell's supermodel old flame (Lesley-Anne Down) returns, prompting Maggie to try to become a model.

Guest-stars include Anthony Cistaro, Andy Dick (of "NewsRadio"), and Victoria Hulett.

Episode 1.14: The Family Plumbing

Fran's doddering Uncle Irving shows up to fix the plumbing, and he's asssisted by Fran's young cousin Tiffany, whom Fran catches kissing Brighton... in the bathtub!

Guest-stars include Louis Guss, Jaclyn Tohn, Melanie Good and Laurelyn Scharkey.

Episode 1.15: Deep Throat

Fran is the one who requires TLC when she has to have her tonsils removed, and Maxwell puts C.C.'s reunion on hold to await the outcome of Fran's surgery.

Episode 1.16: Schlepped Away

It's the Holidays, and the Sheffields are heading off to the tropics, so Nanny Fine gets herself invited. All seems to be going well, until everyone gets snowed in at Fran's parents' house, including all of the Sheffields, Niles, and C.C., who is crushed at missing her vacation off with the "Senator". So Sylvia and Fran try and make everyone at home in their small Flushing abode.

Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother.

Episode 1.17: Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get Off

Maxwell is ecstatic that he's going to get see his sister (Twiggy Lawson) who is coming to New York to get married, but it doesn't take Fran long to figure out that Maxwell's sister only has eyes for her chauffeur.

Twiggy Lawson (Fran Drescher's colleague on "Princesses") guest stars as Maxwell's sister.

Episode 1.18: Sunday in the Park with Fran

When Grace is getting bullied by the son of an influencial theater critic (Eric Braeden), C.C. convinces Maxwell that Grace should invite the child over to smooth things over. But when the boy is a beast, and Fran hits him with a bagette, it's all Maxwell can do to convince the critic that no harm was done and that C.C. and Maxwell's play should still get a good review.

Eric Braeden guest stars as the critic, and Carol Channing has a cameo.

Episode 1.19: The Gym Teacher

Maggie has a new gym teacher: the same tough-as-a-drill-sergeant gym teacher who terrorized Fran in high school. So Fran rides to the rescue and challanges the teacher for Maggie.

Rita Moreno guest stars as the gym teacher.

Episode 1.20: Ode to Barbara Joan (a.k.a. Daddy Dearest)

C.C.'s father (Robert Culp) invites Fran to a Streisand concert, upsetting C.C.

Robert Culp guest stars as C.C.'s dad; Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother. Loren Michaels has a cameo.

Episode 1.21: Frannie's Choice

Danny, the guy who originally dumpted Fran, gets dumped by his girlfreind, so he proposes to Fran, who says yes. But no one is happy about this, including Niles, her mother or the Sheffield family, and Fran is left to decide whether leaving the Sheffields is the right thing to do.

Jonathan Penner guest stars as Danny, and Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother.

Episode 1.22: I Don't Remember Mama

Fran encourages Maxwell to *not* try and take the kids' minds off Mother's Day, so Maxwell takes them to the country club, where Fran promptly enters herself and Grace in a "Mother-Daughter Beauty Pagent".

Patti LaBelle has a cameo.

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