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Season 2
1994-95 Season

Episode 2.1: Fran-Lite

Everyone is awestruck when, after Fran convinces Maxwell that he should socialize more, Maxwell actually comes home with a date: a woman named Leslie who's a dead-ringer for Fran! Meanwhile Brighton worries about being "small" at school.

Tracy Kolis guest stars as Leslie, Rachel Chagall guest stars as Val.

Episode 2.2: The Playwright

When Fran insists that Brighton go out to a dance with his nerdy science partner Brooke, he retaliates by making Fran go out on a date with a guy she dissed in high school. Before the date is over, he's out on the ledge threatening to jump.

Richard Kind guest stars as Fran's date Jeffrey Needleman. Bonnie Morgan guest stars as Brighton's science partner and date Brooke. Jay Robinson guest stars as the Maitre'd.

Episode 2.3: Everybody Needs a Buddy

Fran's mother dumps Grandma Yetta at the Sheffields, meaning that Fran has to ask Maxwell for his permission to let Yetta stay. And she regrets getting it after Yetta causes all kinds of problems in the Sheffield home.

Anne Guilbert guest stars as Grandma Yetta, and Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother. Ralph Manza is featured as Maggie's boyfriend Greg.

Episode 2.4: Material Fran

When Fran runs across her old Flushing friend Kathy at a Sheffield society to-do, she is amazed at how well the friend has done by marrying a rich, much older man. So she gets talked into dating one herself (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.), but she soon becomes disenchanted at being his "trophy".

Rachel Chagall guest stars as Val. Juidth Hoag guest as Kathy, and Efrem Zimablist, Jr. guests stars.

Episode 2.5: Curse of the Grandmas

It's Fran's 1st anniversary at the Sheffield's, but Maxwell seems to be forgetting, and that has put Fran in a foul mood. Meanwhile, Grace's and her fellow Girl Scouts are each assigned an eldery member of Grandma Yetta's retirment home, but when Grace's assignments keep dying, everyone begins to wonder if Grace is a jinx.

Anne Guilbert guest stars as Grandma Yetta.

Episode 2.6: The Nanny Napper

When Fran takes the kids on a ride on the subway, she accidently ends up with the baby of Russian immigrant woman (Nancy Lenehan). Fran thinks the woman has abandoned the baby, but the woman thinks Fran has kidnapped him.

The following were featured: Dayton Callie as the Sergeant, Ann Noel as the prostitute, and Robert Clendenin as the bum.

Episode 2.7: A Star Is Unborn

Fran gets the part in an avant-garde production of "Romeo and Juliet", and the whole thing goes to her head, bu neither Niles nor Maxwell have the heart to tell Fran that she's a terrible actress.

The following were featured: Richard Portnow as Phillips, Martha Graham as Betty, and Fran Drescher's real-life husband Peter Marc Jacobsen as "Romeo".

Episode 2.8: Pinske Business

Fran's mother and her canasta buddies invest their winnings in Maxwell's newest Broadway production, starring Ben Vereen, but to get the rest of the money he needs to produce the play Maxwell needs Fran to pose as, of all people, C.C.!

Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother, Sylvia; and Wallace Shawn plays the financier. Ben Vereen has a cameo.

Episode 2.9: Stock Tip

When Fran meets an attractive man (Corbin Bernsen) at the market who says he "works on Wall Street", Fran assumes he's a stock broker, so she sets him up to meet with Maxwell. But when she discovers he's a hot dog vendor, she must go to extra-ordinary lengths to save Maxwell's money, including going to C.C. for help, and you know what that'll mean!

Episode 2.10: The Whine Cellar

Fran and C.C. get trapped in Maxwell's wine seller, and they must pass the time together while they wait to be rescued, while a birthday party for Sylvia Fine goes on upstairs.

Anne Guilbert guest stars as Grandma Yetta, and Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother, Sylvia.

Episode 2.11: When You Pish Upon a Star

The Sheffields take in the obnoxious child star (J.D. Daniels) of a popular TV sitcom (with a plot remarkably similar to The Nanny) whom Maxwell wants to star in his production of "Oliver". But when Fran accidently talks the boy into quitting showbiz for a "normal" life, Maxwell demands that Fran "fix" the situation.

Bob Barker and Liz Smith have cameos as themselves.

Episode 2.12: Take Back Your Mink

Fran refuses to wear a mink coat she inhereted from a relative, thanks to some consciousness-raising from Maggie, but Fran's mother is furious when she finds out.

Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother, and Anne Guilbert guest stars as Grandma Yetta. Nancy Frangione appears as cousin Marsha, and Zack Norman appears as her husband.

Episode 2.13: The Strike

Fran refuses to cross a picket line at Maxwell's opening-night reception for his new musical, "Norma Rae"!

Sally Jessy Raphael has a cameo.

Episode 2.14: I've Got a Secret

When a celebrity, covered in bandages, stays at the Sheffields' to recuperate, Maxwell won't tell Fran who it is because he knows she'll blab, but Fran's dying to now anyway. And soon enough she finds out... as does the press.

Rachel Chagall guest stars as Val. Marvin Nathan appears as cousin Ira, Roger Kern appears as Raymond Turnboat, and Heidi Thompson appears as the mysterious person in bandages.

Episode 2.15: Kindervelt Days

Fran *must* have a stunning escort to her summer-camp reunion to one-up an old rival (Morgan Brittany), but she thinks she's out of luck for a date, until Maxwell offers...that is until Erik Estrada shows up!

Rachel Chagall guest stars as Val.

Episode 2.16: Canasta Masta

Maxwell is worried about Brighton and he demands that Brighton participate in a team sport, but he is appalled when Brighton's place on a team ends up being a spot on Fran's family's canasta team which is playing in a tourney in Atlantic City.

Renee Taylor guest stars as Fran's mother, and Anne Guilbert guest stars as Grandma Yetta. Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme have a cameo.

Episode 2.17: The Will

After Maxwell confides to Fran that he's leaving her as the childrens' guardian in his will, she comes to believe that he has a fatal heart condition.

Michael Winters is featured as Doug Emerson.

Episode 2.18: The Nanny Behind the Man

Of all people, Grandma Yetta is the romantic interest of the "legendary" playwright Dakota Williams (George Murdock) whose unfinished opus just happens to be the one that Maxwell, and his rival Andrew Lloyd Webber, are bidding for.

Roger Clinton has a cameo.

Episode 2.19: A Fine Friendship

Trouble arises when Fran just assumes that a male nanny (Christopher Rich) for one of Grace's friends is gay, but when the truth comes out, you won't believe the state Maxwell catches the two of them in up in Fran's bedroom!

Episode 2.20: Lamb Chop's on the Menu

Maxwell and C.C. are trying to secure the rights to a movie project starring (get this!) Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop, so they have the two stars stay at the Sheffields'. And, sure enough, together Fran and Val accidently cause a little mishap between Lamb Chop and C.C.'s dog.

Sheri Lewis guest stars, as does Rachel Chagall as Val.

Episode 2.21: Close Shave

Fran earns her candy stripes by substituting for Maggie as a hospital volunteer, then has to shave Maxwell in preparation for an appendectomy.

Episode 2.22: What the Butler Sang

When their singer takes ill, Fran talks Maxwell and C.C. into auditioning Niles. At the same time, Fran talks Maxwell into letting her sister Nadine at the Sheffield home after she and her husband have a fight.

Ellen Ratner stars as Fran's sister Nadine; Ron Orbach stars as her husband Barry.

Episode 2.23: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

When Maggie wants to enter a kissing contest to appear on Billy Ray Cyrus' new album cover, Fran accompanies her, but sparks fly when Fran is the one that wins.

Billy Ray Cyrus guest stars, as does Rachel Chagall as Val; David Carpenter appears as Sean; Scott Whyte appears as Billy Ray's manager; Rochelle Bond and Charles Mavich also appear.

Episode 2.24: Strange Bedfellows

Fran's friend and fellow Nanny, Mona (Tyne Daly), retires, and Mona's life story has eerie parrallels to Fran's, which causes Fran to become depressed about her future. So at Mona's farwell party, Fran gets drunk, and somehow ends up in Maxwell's bedroom in the morning!

Tyne Daly guest stars; Irene Olga Lopez and Adeline Drescher appear as two more nanny collegues of Fran's.

Episode 2.25: The Chatterbox

Fran takes Maggie to get her hair done at "the Chatterbox", a hair salon, and on the way she gets a job there for an aspiring actress (Tracy Nelson) with the boss Mr. Anthony (Patrick Cassidy).

NOTE: This is an episode meant to set up a potential spin-off series. (It never took off, however.)

This pilot also included Edward Hibbard, J.D. Daniels, Lauren Tom at "The Chatterbox".

Episode 2.26: Fran Gets Mugged

Fran and Brighton go to Central Park, where Fran's purse is snatched; among the contents: one of Fran's "irreplacable" red lipsticks, and Maxwell's irreplacable fragment from Shakespeare.

William Bumiller appears as Det. Schoenfeld; Alex Nevil appears as the mugger.

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